The OLED Switch has a built-in screen protector that doesn’t have to be removed

The OLED Switch officially hit store shelves a few days ago, giving it its full debut in the public space. Now that the units are out in the wild, people are discovering all kinds of interesting little quirks about the system. One thing that hadn’t been mentioned by Nintendo before is the fact that the system’s new large and dynamic display comes with an additional feature – a built-in screen protector.

This built-in screen protector may look like a removable film for some people. As a result, Nintendo included a caveat in the manual for the OLED Switch, stating that if anyone has the idea of ​​trying to remove it, they absolutely must not do it. The reason is that this screen protector is different from the one you buy and install yourself. Rather than resting on the screen, allowing for easy installation and removal, this factory preinstalled screen protector is pretty much bound on the OLED Switch screen. As a result, trying to remove it will result in physical damage to the OLED Switch screen.

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In fact, the company officially calls it an “anti-diffusion adhesive film”. The OLED Switch actually features a glass panel rather than a plastic LCD display like the original Switch and Switch Lite. These screens were already prone to scratches due to their relatively small body.

The glass of the OLED Switch is much stronger, but this protective film will be useful in the event of a drop of a device and impact on the screen. Think of it the same way a tempered glass screen protector helps protect your phone’s screen. Speaking of which, you can still buy and install one of those for the OLED Switch without it interfering with the movie that’s already there.

If you think this is another one of those “Nintendo being Nintendo” moves, it actually isn’t. Other devices also come with such a protective film. Unfortunately, the first generation Samsung Galaxy Fold phones had a very obvious protective film that many people mistakenly tried to remove, which ended in disaster every time.

Samsung has managed to make the protective film both more durable and less noticeable in later versions of the Switch. Still, the OLED Switch is clearly just one of many devices to come with such a feature. Ultimately, it’s all in the name of safety and benefits the consumer.

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