You only use a swipe down from the home screen for one thing

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One of the most underrated gestures is the ability to swipe down anywhere on the home screen, which gives you access to your notification shade, device search menu. or in the app drawer. This differs from swiping down from the top of the screen, which only activates the notification shadow.

We wondered what the point of that gesture on your phone was, however, when we posted a poll earlier this week. Here’s how you responded to it.

What is a simple swipe down from the Home screen good for?


We released the poll on Tuesday, garnering over 1,200 votes at the time of writing. And it turns out that the vast majority of respondents (84.6%) say they use the single swipe down on the home screen to activate the notification panel.

This is not at all surprising, as many modern smartphones are quite tall, making it difficult to activate the notification shade from above. Reader reviews note that this is also a handy solution for getting quick settings in no time.

Almost 6% of readers surveyed say they don’t use the home screen swipe down at all. This was closely followed by those who say they use gesture to activate the device search feature, accounting for just over 5% of respondents.

Finally, a little more than 4% of the readers questioned declare that they use the gesture to activate something else. For what it’s worth, some Samsung phones use this gesture to activate the app drawer.


  • Taaun: Samsung default setting on Galaxy S10: applications menu.
  • RichSPK: This opens the search for devices on my tablet, but I didn’t know that before reading this poll. I don’t expect to use it even now that I know it.
  • alex z: I have a Xiaomi MI 9, and I’m using the left side down swipe that opens the notification window and the right down side swipe that opens quick toggles (or whatever the name is ) in the same way as Iphones.
  • Thomas: I also use it to extend “quick settings”, bluetooth etc … one swipe down instead of two.
  • KBalaz: On my pixel I use it to quickly access settings, bluetooth, wifi, flashlight, airplane mode, do not disturb.
  • Albin: No surprise in the response statistics. Besides the notifications, I have six visible icons (Data, Wi-fi, DNDisturb, GPS, Bluetooth and Moto Mod battery) as well as the deeper toggles. My Launcher will open a tabbed and labeled app drawer (keeping the home screen clean for personal photos.)
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